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Classics are always appreciated for their special advantages compared to other styles. This also applies to manicure art. Neat, natural, classic design has been popular for years. An elegant manicure emphasizes the uniqueness and beauty of the image. That is why the design in translucent and matte colors will be relevant in the current year 2022-2023.

Elegant manicure in a classic style: fashion trends 2022-2023

Fashion trends regarding classic manicure tend to change. Naturally, the basic principles remain the same, but every season, including the current 2022-2023, makes its own adjustments.

The most popular designs this year will be:

  1. Frame manicure is a modern trend, which consists in creating a frame on the nail along the lunula line.
  2. Geometry – the design can be classified as elegant, since the clarity of lines and the parallelism of straight lines build a classic aristocracy.
  3. Design with a pattern – artistic painting on a plain white or beige coating looks gentle and at ease.
  4. Glitter manicure – space blotches are used to create a mysterious design.

Rubbing is gaining great popularity among fans of high-quality nail art. Even with a solid monotone, the mother-of-pearl coating is admirable. Soft pearl shine is expensive and stylish.

The best shades of varnishes for an elegant manicure

Classic trendy manicure imposes some restrictions on the choice of color. For example, a design made in acid shades cannot be called elegant. Gel polish should be discreet and calm.

Nail polish can be used in a glossy, pearlescent or iridescent shade. You should pay attention to a transparent manicure with a slight sheen. Matte varnish is also in fashion, which complements the natural beauty of nails well.

It makes no sense to talk about the importance of beige shades. Nude colors go well together. The shellac applied to the plates in natural tones will give the nails a well-groomed look. The best shades are dusty rose, powder, cream. They are suitable for both work and special occasions.

The aesthetic appeal of the manicure is added by a sky-blue tone and light aquamarine.

White lacquer with black lace will give the nails a special solemnity. White and flesh-colored varnish are convenient for creating patterns on nails that can be applied using stencils, prints, stickers.

As for dark shades, they can also be elegant. Intense plum, purple, emerald – these colors look great in the shimmer of gloss.

Classic manicure with design: ideas for discreet decor on nails

Photo novelties in the world of manicure art are well distributed over the network. Already now, having looked through them, one can highlight the best ideas of elegant and discreet design, in demand in 2022-2023.

  1. Deep coating is a technique using a two-layer varnish in a dark color. This design will give expressiveness to the nails, even without additional decor.
  2. Light abstraction – decoration with geometric lines or a mesh coating on a prepared base.
  3. Unchanged jacket – remains one of the types of classic manicure. French design can be done in a snow-white style, or using beige and soft pink tones.
  4. Nail design with rhinestones – takes a worthy position in everyday manicure, if it is made out with a sense of proportion. A win-win option would be laying out lines and unpretentious compositions.
  5. Printed Matte – A velvet finish embossed with sand on top of the base. It can be a layered painting or braided braids on a bright base.

Gradient manicure is another kind of discreet design. The shade starts with the darkest and ends with the lightest. Any variations of tones look concise.

Short elegant manicure: new ideas 2022-2023

To make an elegant manicure on short nails, it is enough for the master to cover the nail plates with one light tone. It is best to choose some nude shade.

If the monotone seems boring, then you should give preference to French or moon manicure. A worthy competitor to the classic jacket will be mother-of-pearl design. This is a rather reverent version of the decor, in the creation of which pollen of a milky or pink hue is used. An equally touching design option is an openwork jacket, but most often it is created for the bride for a wedding event.

Many girls, in pursuit of individual design, try to bring creativity to the design. For example, a beautiful decor in the form of a geometric figure on one finger will complement a monochromatic “picture”. An original idea for short nails can be a floral pattern on an asymmetric manicure.

There are many options for creating a delicate design on short plates. The main thing is to keep up with the principle of elegance and not overload the color with decor.

Elegant long manicure: the best options 2022-2023

Long nails have recently been back in trend, despite the fact that many girls prefer nails of medium and short length. On wide plates, you can implement the most daring design solutions.

Decoration on long nails becomes more restrained, and not bold as before. Depending on the shape of the nails, it will be possible to achieve one or another effect. Masters advise to abandon sharp corners. In everyday life, it looks vulgar. Bevelled edges of the plates, tapering upwards, will look better. Geometry along with minimalism is still considered the ideal solution for such nails.

The best options for long nails would be a gradient design in neutral shades. Decor in the form of small countries or a pattern will complement the overall picture. The decoration is suitable for a festive event or a date.

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